Managed Services

Most of the large organization business goal is not to manage the IT infrastructure and solution but to focus on Core business. If your company is struggling with application maintenance and support, you are not alone. It is a complex task which demands a lot of resources for routine activities.

Research after research has shown the mismatch on IT needs and resources availability with the firm. A majority of CIOs reported challenges with mismatched staffing demand and supply, conflicting new development and maintenance priorities, and a complete lack of applications to boost productivity. An ineffective application maintenance strategy can result in decreased customer confidence, reduced employee productivity, and missed service-level agreements.

Outsourcing application maintenance is usually a smart move for many organizations. It relieves the client's team of routine maintenance tasks and allows them to focus their time and energy on strategic areas.

Su Sai Application Maintenance Services team can help you achieve greater business agility and increase innovation by reducing application maintenance costs. We’ll work with you to create a customized transformation plan, using industrialized processes, tools and our team of experts, to provide optimal cost, speed and scalability.